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Tax Saving Strategies

MOST People Don't Know About

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Luxury & High Net Worth Individuals are tired of paying too much in taxes!

Unfortunately, 92% of the CPA's admitted* they are too busy and not equipped to manage all the Advanced Tax Strategies. Furthermore, they are losing 72% of their clients, especially businesses, because they cannot keep up with their client growth and needs! This is where and why we come in, working in collaboration with your CPA and Attorney.

A few of our strategies also apply to middle class and you will be surprised how much we can save for you!


Years in the Finance Industry, Bachelor in Actuary awarded in 1992


Amazing Tax Strategies and other ways to SAVE MONEY!


Tax Experts around the World to help YOU!


Nadine Lajoie, B.Sc.

Featured in Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX, CBS Money Watch, Nadine Lajoie has a Bachelor in Actuarial Sciences and is a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, International Speaker & Coach, Real Estate Investor and #1 Best-Selling Author. She has worked in the finance industry for 31 years, and she seeks new clients, businesses and employees to train and educate about the "Power of Tax Strategies", through individual consultations, speaking engagements, radio & TV interviews.  

Nadine was featured in magazines along with Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar and Donald Trump, and shared many stages, including TEDx & California Womens' Conference, with Top Speakers ilike Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Marcia Cross, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Michael B. Beckwith, Dr. John Gray, Adam Markel and Mark Victor Hansen., just to name a few.

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4 Step Process = Increase your Results



Save Taxes


Reduce Expenses


Mitigate Risks



Examples of our TOP 7 Strategies

1- Delay or Avoid Capital Gains

If you sell your BUSINESS or REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES, outside of the 1031 Exchange that most people know, there are a few effective strategies. YOU CAN KEEP in your pocket something around 93.5% of your money, instead of paying 20-40% in taxes now. You can decide to use the money for your next investment, equipment, growing your business or hiring more employees. You are FREE to do whatever you want with your money, and you don't have to go through all the painful restrictions and requirements for a 1031 Exchange. Usually it takes 7-14 days to close and get your money back.

2- Increase your Retirement Income

Within the IRS Tax Code, there are different ways to accumulate your money Tax FREE and also withdraw your money Tax FREE at retirement, providing to clients an average between 39% and 78% more money in their pocket.

3- Reduce Expenses for your Business

Most manufacturers, warehouses, and professionals like doctors, dentists and chiropractors, have significant expenses and overhead every month, and it is hard to stay in business during tough times. This strategy might save you over 25% ou your bottom line, by negotiating and reducing recurring expenses. 

4- Save Taxes on your Commercial Building

What if you could save about $600k per year in taxes on a $12M building? For smaller buildings, even if we can save you only $100k, what difference would this make in your life right now? For some, it can save your building or your whole business.

5- Increase your Business Value Before you Sell

Every expense you save now and whatever increase in revenues you make, will provide a huge difference in the value of your company when you sell it. If you don't prepare adequately, you are leaving money on the table. As an example, leveraging with 3 strategies, one client paid only $80k in taxes instead of $350k. If you can sell your company 5 times the net revenues, you just increased your cash-out by $1.35M.

6- Get $4.8M Tax Free (Example)

The younger you are, the better you can plan for your future. This client invested $31k when he was 40 years old. When he retires at the age of 55 years old, he could get $160k per year X 30 years = $4.8M Tax FREE! That is creating extrement wealth, right? An AMAZING return for people who can qualify for this strategy. 

7- Protect your Assets & Your Legacy

There are a few strategies where you can protect your money against the negative stock market and inflation, while eliminating longevity risk, sequence of return risks and saving fees, anxiety and stress. You are not stuck with low interest rates either, you can still participate in the positive market. Some of these strategies will increase your retirement income, BOOST your LEGACY and wealth transfer between generations by 20%-53.5% in only a few years! 

Why would you leave money to the government when you can keep it in your FAMILY?

We help you with PEACE OF MIND!


These strategies and examples are for education purposes only and are not guaranteed in the future. Not everyone can qualify either, because each situation is different and your will be analyzed with our Team of Experts, according to the tax laws and strategies available at the moment in your State/Country. Some of those strategies have a minimum guarantee, capital guarantee and/or legacy/wealth transfer guarantee included, compared to the stock market and any other investments at risk you probably have right now. 

The strategies, tax laws, requirements, or even your personal situation can change in the future, we do not have no control over that aspect. The only control we have is to discuss and recommend the best tax strategies and best ways for your financial circumstances. 


Team of Experts

We are excited to have access to 45 of the best experts around the world, to serve a clientele that is absolutely underserved, with a proactive and holistic approach. The ultimate goal is to help high net worth individuals and businesses to grow their value by saving taxes, reducing expenses and mitigating risks. 

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and you don't know what you don't know! If you are missing a strategy, our experts will guide you along the way. Complete this free report and we will know within a few days what is recommended in your unique case. 

The reason you never did it before: Advanced Tax Strategies often take weeks, months or even years to prepare and put everything into place, depending on how complicated your situation is. But DON'T WORRY, we are right here with YOU, to guide and support you at each step along the way!

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